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Personal Injury Services

Automobile Accidents

If you were injured in an automobile accident in Arizona, it is important to know what happens after the accident, and what you should do.

If the accident is minor, you will probably have to deal with property damage claims and possible injury claims. If the accident is serious, there will almost certainly be property damage claims and injury claims. Such claims almost always involve insurance adjusters and claims representatives, and more serious accidents may involve police and other emergency services.

Hiring an attorney can help. Hiring the right attorney can be critical because a successful personal injury claim may seek to recover money for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, burial costs, and other financial costs that can result from the injury. Typically, a personal injury lawyer is hired to oversee such a claim, and to let the injured person focus on healing without the stress of dealing with the legal side of the accident. Personal injury lawyers typically offer a no-cost consultation, so there is usually no downside to speaking with a lawyer about your potential claim.

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you after an automobile accident gets you a professional working for you right away, especially when time may be of the essence. An experienced attorney can advise you about any time limits that can prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. For example, in many states you must file your lawsuit within two years of your automobile accident or be forever prohibited from filing your lawsuit. An experienced attorney will also be able to inform you about any special exceptions that may apply.

We Do The Legwork For You

There is a lot of work that goes into negotiating with insurance companies, settling, and trying a personal injury lawsuit. After you are in an automobile accident, taking on this time-consuming work may be the last thing you want to do, assuming you are able. Because this may be your first time dealing with the ins and outs of an accident claim, an experienced personal injury attorney works with all manner of claims and a variety of insurance companies.

We have experience getting the necessary evidence to support your claim, gathering police reports, collecting witness statements, obtaining medical records and bills, and gathering employment and lost wage information - all of which can be very important to properly evaluate and pursue the proper claims.

We will also be able to organize the evidence and prepare the necessary correspondence for the insurance companies. If your case cannot be settled, we can take care of filing the necessary paperwork to start a court case if necessary, and can deal with the attorneys for the other side (or the insurance companies) on your behalf.

We Advocate For You

Perhaps the most important way we can help you with your automobile accident case is by being your advocate. This means that we will act on your behalf and for your benefit throughout the entire process. We can make sure that your side of the story is heard and seek the maximum compensation for all of your losses.

We have the experience to advocate for you which is essential in obtaining a reasonable and fair resolution in your case.



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