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Arson - ARS § 13-1701 Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Damage" means any physical or visual impairment of any surface.

2. "Occupied structure" means any structure as defined in paragraph 4 in which one or more human beings either is or is likely to be present or so near as to be in equivalent danger at the time the fire or explosion occurs. The term includes any dwelling house, whether occupied, unoccupied or vacant.

3. "Property" means anything other than a structure which has value, tangible or intangible, public or private, real or personal, including documents evidencing value or ownership.

4. "Structure" means any building, object, vehicle, watercraft, aircraft or place with sides and a floor, used for lodging, business, transportation, recreation or storage.

5. "Wildland" means any brush covered land, cutover land, forest, grassland or woods.


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